Newport Rentals

Management Services

Newport Property Management Ltd. has a well-established reputation for providing the highest quality of client services. For many years we have provided professional management of commercial and residential real estate investments. We are well known for impeccable business practices and for solid real estate knowledge. We have proven experience to meet the challenges of any commercial or residential asset. When we take on management of a property, the results are soon apparent. Our pride and sense of achievement is realized visibly in the exceptional maintenance of buildings and grounds, in optimized occupancy rates, and in overall tenant satisfaction and retention.

Our single greatest asset is our staff. The enthusiasm of our property management team, 24-hour on-call maintenance contractors, professional accounting and support staff continuously exceeds client expectations.

Regular maintenance rather than crisis management is the cornerstone of our maintenance and repair program.

This not only optimizes the useful life of the building's systems, but also minimizes breakdowns and resultant inconvenience to tenants. Our cost containment efforts capitalize on volume discount purchasing of supplies and services and we obtain certain economies of scale with our greater purchasing power.

Our focus is on quality of services as much as on costs when selecting contractors. We research supplier references, compare bids, perform inspections and supervise the work. We draw on a list of quality contractors with proven track records for reliable service and competitive pricing. Repair of an electrical problem, for example will be on an 'on-call' basis with professional contractors with whom we have had proven experience.

We establish and sustain a solid and respectful rapport with the tenants. We find by respecting the tenant, we optimize the respect the tenant will give to your real estate investment.